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NOTE: I don't carry used trikes for a number of reasons, but I do try and help existing customers sell theirs.

2017 Trident Stowaway 2 with SportCrafter MR 100 Trainer



TerraTrike Rover

Terra trike Rover purchased in August 2014.

8 speed internal Shimano nexus rear hub.
Disc brakes w/locking levers
Adjustable boom and seat to fit anyone.
Weight capacity 400lbs.
Mirror, bell, back rack, 2nd seat cover, headrest, Patterson Metropolis Transmission
(2 speed internally geared crankset)

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SOLD 2010 Trident Stowaway 2 in very good condition. New frame under warranty which also includes a new seat frame.New Kenda Kwest front tires, new pedals and a Mountain Mirrycle mirror.  Avid BB7 brakes, Microshift bar end shifters, Microshift front derailleur and Shimano Deore rear derailleur, 27 speeds. This trike has a Sram Dual Drive rear hub installed, it has less than 1 year usage. For those not familiar a DD hub has 3 ranges: low, 1:1, and high. in 1:1 the trike utilizes its normal gearing, low and high are just that - low and high range. The low is extremely useful on very steep climbs as it comes in around 12 gear inches. High would be useful on very fast long rural downhills. There are 81 possible gear combinations but (because many gears overlap) realistically you would ride this in 1:1 90% of the time and mostly use low range on the hills.
Over $3400 was invested originally and the owner wants $1600. There are no further fees or charges and it would be 'cash only' as this is not going through my company

SOLD 2014
Trident Monorail

Please see the Monorail page for full info and specs.
This rare trike is in flawless condition with extremely low km. The front triple has been upgraded to a Patterson Metropolis Transmission. For those not familiar, a PMT is an easy shifting 2 speed planetary transmission, it features a 28 tooth chain ring in low range, and when shifted into high range it becomes the equivalent of  45 teethUnlike a conventional crankset a PMT can be shifted at a stand- still, under load or while coasting... once you ride with one its hard to go back. (And they look good too) It also has dual Mirrycle Mirrors, dual accy mounts and a polymer pedal upgrade.
The original owner invested well over $2500 and is asking $1800.   Yes the Monorail has been discontinued but factory support is still present as everything except the rear frame section is from a Transport series trike.

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