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AZUB Trikes 
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On September 17th 2017 the Canadian European Trade Agreement (CETA) became a legal entity.  Click here for further information
CETA equates to NO import duty on AZUB Trikes! Readers' Choice Awards
AZUB Wins not only best company, but best Trike!
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Why AZUB? 
In my opinion compared to other high-end brands, AZUB represents not only superior engineering but better value. Yes they are more expensive than average but when you take a close look at the level of detail, machining, and execution, it becomes readily apparent where the value lies.

AZUB is a relatively small company in the Czech Republic where their trikes (and recumbent bikes) are hand crafted to a touring spec. In other words they're built for the long haul.

For 2015 the AZUB TRIcon won Trike Of the Year as voted by the readers of BentRider Online. This prestigious award was presented due to the TRIcon's superior craftsmanship and industry leading technology. Features such as a 157mm wide hub with a Syntace rear axle, and a T 7075  aluminum hinge with a Teflon hard face anodized coating sets the TRIcon in a class by itself.
TRIcon overview

"This is Azub’s top of the line three wheeler and it has blown people away with it’s easy fold, super stiff chassis and superb handling. I’ve heard at least three recumbent dealers and/or dealer employees call it “the best handing trike I’ve ever ridden.”"
                            Bryan Ball,

'Now' the Ti-Fly is their top of the line trike...
For an unprecedented second year in a row, AZUB took top honors again.
After five years in development the full suspension Ti-FLY won Trike Of The Year for 2016.
AZUB took all the technical  features from the rear suspension TRIcon, and complimented it with unique industry leading titanium front suspension, which makes the Ti-FLY the most advanced trike in the world. The Ti-FLY utilizes grade 5 aerospace titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) transverse mounted front leaf springs, which is about half the weight of similar solutions fabricated from steel. The front suspension offers 40mm of dampened travel with a progressive end and soft stop, which translates into a very stable and comfortable ride.
Ti-Fly review
Ti-Fly overview
Frame production video

Ti-Fly 'X'
Truly the ultimate dual purpose, or off the beaten path full suspension recumbent trike. All the aforementioned features of a Ti-Fly but with 26'' wheels all-around.  Optional tires, SRAM Eagle drivetrains or  Shimano Steps E8000 series e-assist are just some of the available options.
Please see the AZUB website for all the latest information!
See the 'X' in action here.

More information:
The AZUB website contains a wealth of information so I'm not going to attempt to duplicate it here. Please follow the supplied links.
I encourage you to have a good look at the videos and content.

Here is a basic overview:
All AZUB trikes are available in a variety of colors and a large selection of drivetrain configurations... the models I've chosen to keep in stock are configured with solid components relative to the intended purpose and price point vs comparable models from other manufacturers.

Quick facts:
When equipped with quick release front wheels, both the TRIcon and Ti-FLY will fit in the trunk of a compact car.

I can add electric to any AZUB trike

AZUB trikes can be ordered without a hinge in what's referred to as  a 'separable' configuration. The frame simply unbolts for transport or storage, this saves about $450.00 on the cost of a trike but it's not as convenient.

All AZUB trikes have IPS (Ideal Positioning System) for their seats.

I will be stocking a 20" or 26" T-Tris which is a solid performer, its an unsuspended trike comparable to a Catrike Expedition.
Except the T-Tris has lower gearing for hills, more seat adjustability (Ideal Positioning System), indirect steering, and it also folds for transport or storage.
T-Tris overview

I will also be stocking the 2015 Trike Of The Year, a 20" or 26" folding TRIcon rear suspension trike. 

Ti- Fly's in stock! See my home page for details!

Ti-Fly Suspension video click here

See my home page for trikes in stock and prices.

Bob's Excellent Adventure! Bob picked up his AZUB Ti-Fly at the factory in the Czech Republic! Read about his experience!
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What is it like to ride a Ti-Fly?
Superb responsive handling combined with a very comfortable ride, would be one way of putting it.
Another way of putting it... after you ride one, it's really hard to go back to a non-suspended trike.
It's that good.  But it all comes down to where you ride, the terrain, and of course... budget.
- Rob

AZUB takes the honors three out of four years!
The Ti Fly X wins Trike Of The Year for 2018.
Read all about it here.


                TRIcon 26"

   2015 Trike Of The year

                     T-Tris 20"


        Titanium front suspension


        Titanium front suspension

                                         Ti-Fly 26"

2016 Trike Of The Year

     Ideal Positioning System (IPS)

                                          Ti-Fly 'X'

                          2018 Trike Of The Year

               Ti-Fly 'X' with electric assist

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