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Hi Rob,

I've cycled over 1000km since you modified my bike this year. I've enjoyed the pedal assist to the fullest, it was money well spent, and the Weaselhead hill is much easier now.
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy cycling, and in retrospect I should have looked into pedal assist a long time ago.
Again, thanks for elevating my cycling to the next level!

Cheers for now

This is a copy of an email sent to AZUB by a client...

I bought a Tricon at Funwest Sports in Calgary, Canada April 2019 because of the fantastic help and information that Rob Willis gave me. I am amazed at his level of expertise and knowledge, and the time he took helping me to purchase the best trike for my needs. He explained and showed the care and attention AZUB puts into their trikes, and his enthusiasm for AZUB quality was very evident. Because of his past customers glowing recommendations and his help on the phone I drove 1240 km round trip just to buy a Tricon from him. I knew AZUB was a top notch company because of the professionalism Rob Willis expressed for AZUB.

Robert (last name withheld)

Hi Rob,

Just wanted to let you know that when we arrived home, we rode our FANTASTIC pedal assist bikes for a small 10km ride, which included a couple of hills. We thoroughly enjoyed riding!!  I am sooo excited to go riding with confidence! It was sooo easy on the hill! LOVE IT sooo much!   You have no idea!!
Just can't thank you enough for the fantastic & meticulous work you did on our bikes for us.
We are more than satisfied!!!  THANK YOU again Rob !!!!!
Carol & Hugh

Hello Rob,

Again thanks for today, it's been pretty emotional here today for just seeing the happiness you have put on his face.

Thank you,

Hi Rob,

I've taken my trike out for a couple of rides now, and I have really enjoyed it immensely.
Thank you, I love the e-conversion.

Great job!

Hi Rob,

Just finished a ride, McKenzie to Prince's Island and back, and I wanted to tell you how much fun I had. It was amazing!! Everything is working great! Thanks to you for your expertise getting everything set up.
Thanks again,
(I did an electric conversion on Dave's trike)

Hello Rob,

I just wanted to thank you again for your time and support in purchasing the trike. We made it home safe and sound, and got the trike put back together without any issues at all. I am very, very happy with my choice, and have been having a great time out and about on the new trike. Thanks again for a really positive trike purchase experience.


Hi, Rob,

Cia loves her converted e-bike.  We went for a ride to Harvie Heights after supper on Saturday, which went very well, and on the dreaded uphill grind back to our house she left me in the dust! No sore knee's for her, thanks to you. That bike is a keeper.

--- Ben

Rob - I know you are busy with the spring rush. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my 'what if' questions which we both know are about future plans.
I initially contacted you because your website gives off a serious 'I give a hoot' vibe, and the website is proving to be only scratching the surface in that respect. Thank you for taking the time to introduce me to this triking world and for your ever-so-patient responses to my never ending-questions.


Hi Rob,
I will do my best to get your name out there. Your product, as well as your customer service is outstanding!

Mike and Michelle

Hi Rob,

Trike runs great! It shifts very smoothly and the combination of battery power, mid drive motor and the newly enhanced gearing is proving to be just perfect for my needs as a rider with struggling hip and arthritic knees. thanks very much for taking the extra time and attention to detail to make this project a resounding success for me. Although the BionX hub motor that I used for many years certainly was satisfactory, the conversion to that which you recommended has elevated my riding experience to another level altogether. Thank you.

During the conversion process, i came to value and trust your craftsmanship as well as the decision making process associated with it. More important than even that for me, was how readily you used your wealth of mechanical and electrical knowledge to enrich my face-to-face learning experience with you. Your kind and generous patience in the regard was particularly appreciated. As the technology continues to improve, so too will my interest in keeping up. Who better to pursue that with than you!
Thanks again.


Hi Rob,

We just can't really express what a great experience this was for us! Your expertise and genuine care for the trike and us was wonderful!
Its wonderful to be around someone who loves their work and really cares!
We just got back from a long bike ride and it wasn't long enough really, so we will go out again after supper and maybe try a small hill! Feels fantastic to be able to get out there in the fresh air!
Thanks again Rob! I'm sure you'll be hearing from us from time to time. We will pass out your cards and definitely spread the word!!
Wishing you a Happy Canada Day! ca
In love and light.
Diane & Brian

Hi Rob,

Though I am encouraging Carol to email you with her own info, I'm so impressed that I need to write too.  Yesterday we rode into a pretty tough wind over a hill that often challenged Carol more than she wanted. This time though she played with the different modes and sailed easily up the hill continuing with me on my little 15.4 training run. This is wonderful!

Thanks for all your patient advice Rob.

(Carol is riding a Trident E-Spike)

Hi Rob,

I am loving the new motor. Any concerns I may have had about gearing have evaporated. I have all the power I need to get up Meredith Road to my condo without any additional need for a front derailleur.

Once again thanks for doing such a wonderful job on my trike and taking the time to send me the links.

Hi Rob,

Just to let you know we had a chance to try it out over the weekend. It seems to be working just fine and is very smooth. We are quite happy with it.  I will have to adjust the length of the cable straps on her left pedal but it shouldn't be a problem

Thanks again,

Hi Rob,
What a fun machine! Thanks again for all your assistance and speedy responses and friendly advise.  It really helped to make this go smoothly.

Hi Rob!

Terrific, thanks for the links and thanks again for a very good buying experience.
Catch up with you soon.

Hey thanks again Rob. I appreciate your feedback and impeccable quality service. 
Sometimes when I make it down to Calgary I'd like to drop in and check out your shop. I'll buy you a coffee even. 


Dear Rob,

 The purchase of my trike in August changed and really has helped me with my chronic illness.  I tried riding my two wheeled bike and my first ride in almost four years ended in a wipeout.  I was devastated. When I first spoke to you about the trike and then getting a test ride I was sold!!  Finally, something I can do that is actually helping me to stay fit and mobile.  The trike is helping my legs to move again :)  And my core strength has improved dramatically which has really helped my balance!!

 You took the time to enhance my new riding experience and paid attention to all the challenges I am facing.  Incorporating new pedals to ensure my feet stay on the pedals when my leg wants to act up... and the pedal spacers to stop my ankles from hitting the pedal arm when pedaling.. my ankles really thank you too!!!  You changed my life for the better.  Thank you so much for doing what you do and helping me to stay active.  I love my new trike and can't thank you enough for what you did for me!!


Hi Rob,

After watching the video on the young man (amputee) you hope to get out riding, I was both touched and inspired.  I really hope you can make his dream a reality. 

While on a much smaller scale, please recognize what you have done for people such as myself already.  I am approaching 60 and have never been on a bike for longer than a few minutes.  My experiences have been so negative, either being unable to steer and running into the side of vehicles or unable to balance and toppling over before I get any confidence.  Now, neighbors who have seen me out with Spikey have stopped me to say how wonderful it is to see the smile pasted on my face and how often they see me and Spikey hitting the streets. (Spikey is her electric trike)

My feet have given me increasing trouble in recent years and this trike has given me a new lease on life in terms of staying active.  Probably a story you have heard before, but hopefully not one that ever gets old.  On top of that, the genuine compassion you show when you are dealing with a person with limitations and fears is remarkable and wonderful.  It would not have taken much for me to walk away thinking this is more than I can handle, but you made me believe that it was possible and fun and worth the risk.  Thanks Rob.  You are a good person.


Hello Rob,
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge and answer our questions. 
It is so nice to deal with someone so professional. 

Thank you.

See you again soon!


Hi Rob,

Thank you again so much.   This is really a wonderful machine.  You have no idea how awesome it is to be able to get back out riding.  It's been such a long time since I've been able to ride and not be tired and sore.  This was definitely the good decision.



Many thanks!  Daisy took her new trike out for a spin this evening and
was like a kid in a candy store!  I don't think she could be happier.  
Thanks for helping me make such a special moment for my wife and our
family!  This is something we will all enjoy for years to come and opens
so much opportunity for healthy family fun and probably some personal
time for Daisy. Plus I got to tinker with a bike again and that is
always good.

How do you thank someone for such a gift!

Kind regards,


I hope you remember me I am unusually tall and picked up my trike on the coldest day of the year!  Anyway the weather has finally co-operated and I am triking to work.  I have been driving part way in and have no progressed to 7 miles in each direction with a final goal of 10.  The stowaway is incredible, so comfortable, so easy to ride i just love it.


Thanks again for taking so much time with me, you were very helpful and I feel like I have made a great decision!

Talk soon,


It looks beautiful, the red is most impressive. Maybe I'm biased but I think the red and black are very striking together. It looks smaller and lighter than the trikes I tested last Fall. Both good things but I think the Stowaway II is likely very similar to the ICE. The fit and finish are most impressive.

 So thanks Rob for all your great service, help and advice and thank Tom for building such a high quality trike at a great price.

I can't wait to start riding.


Hello Rob,
Thanks again for the test ride. Our decision to order the two Spike II's is definitely the right one. I am so glad about it.
On a personal note, you can’t imagine what it meant to me being able to ride the trike with my severe dizzy/balance problem. I had been talking about riding a recumbent trike since my hospital stay, and everybody was saying “oh ya”, the way as nobody ever believed me that I would. They should have seen me yesterday on the test ride. Well Rob, I am so happy it will give some freedom again. This is a milestone in my recovery.
Thanks again and have a great Easter weekend…
Horst and Gery

Hi Rob

  Today the snow tires came off the car ..the skis were put away so if the rain would only stop I could get out for a trial spin!!

 Rob, thank you so much for all the attention you have given to this sale...I really appreciate all the time you gave me...and especially all the friendly advice!!!  

All my best


Hello Rob,,

  today we went for a ride again.  this one was a little bit longer, but still in Temple only. it is good for us to get out. I realize how much more freedom the trike gives me. it was good to pedal through our neighborhood and look around, something I have not done for a long time.
Again, we have to thank you for the good job you did. it is not just assembling the trikes and adding all the accessories, it is the way you did it.  It shows how you covered the bolts at my pedals, so that I can't scratch myself, it shows your concern.
thanks again.
Horst and Gery

Hi Rob

Thank you again for your interest in seeing that I am completely satisfied with my purchase...You are such a rare commodity these days!

 How is your summer season going?

Take care



Thanks so much for all the info - great service!

It's also great that the Spike folds up.

Thanks Sam

The following email is from a new customer that brought his three year old trike to me for service, the "three speed" he is referring to is a Sram DualDrive that was installed by another shop:

Thanks Rob I have been riding the trike for the last three days and am the
happiest with it that I have ever been. I don't think the three speed ever
worked properly from day one, and it was always noisy so obviously there was
something wrong but never ever having a three speed I was disappointed but
ignorant.Thanks very much Rob



Hi Rob - just wanted to get back to you before hitting the sack.  I want to go with the smaller chain ring (sprocket) - I know I will ride more often if I can get up hills ok.   I am letting people know how much you are helping me with this - and how much you know about bikes and trikes.   You are really making this decision so easy for me - and hopefully once I get riding I will get stronger and lose some weight.


Thanks so much for all your help, Rob, in our books you are a Bike Angel!


The following email is from a new customer that brought his trike (a competitors) in for service and front tires.

What a difference you made by adjusting the toe in. It is like riding with the brakes off, unlike before.  I was able to climb even the steepest of hills without going down into the granny gears. Oh, and when I go higher speeds (45km/h) the trike is stable. Whereas before you adjusted it, at 30 km/h it felt like it was going to go into a high speed wobble and I would wipe out. The higher pressure in the tires helped even more!


Rob, thanks for the trike. I had a great ride home.
Your dedication to my trike and my family was more than phenomenal.
Happy riding,

No problem, home safe and sound. I have gone through all the things you showed me several times to firm them up in the peabrain. Thanks again for all your care!  It is refreshing to deal with someone who is invested in what they sell.
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