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E Spike / And Conversion Information

The E Spike Is a modified 8 Speed Spike 1- It uses an integrated system by a Japanese company called Dapu. It features a 350W Geared Hub Motor, a special Crankset with sensors, a 36V 13 AH Rack Mounted Battery with built in light, and a Digital Display. With this system you can choose between throttle only or 6 different levels of pedal assist.The Samsung 36v 13AH battery is much larger than other manufacturers use and will give you a much longer range - about 50km electric only and up to 100km using pedal assist. This entire package only adds 18.5 Lbs to a Spike!

E Spike

E Spike Controls... Throttle, LED console and power level switches

E Spike

E Spike Battery and Dapu hub motor

E Spike LED console, throttle and selector switch (LED & switch are now on the right side)

As mentioned the E Spike uses components from Dapu. Dapu is an ISO 9001 company that also supplies companies like Easy Motion bikes, which means that you're dealing with a reputable company producing a reliable product. The 13 Ah battery is from Samsung (along with LG, Panasonic and Sony)  Samsung is one of the worlds leading ebike battery manufacturers.

The 350 watt gear-type hub motor is quite torquey so it climbs steep hills very well (since it is a gear-type motor it free-wheels easily when you're not using the motor) The motor is one of the smoothest and quietest that I have ridden.
The torque sensor is part of the crankset, it senses how hard you pedal and converts that to assisted forward motion (6 levels)

IE if you pedal lightly it just adds a small amount of power, if you push harder it intuitively adds more power. Level 1 offsets the extra weight of the electric components quite nicely. For head winds and hills simply choose the appropriate assist level (1-6) and proper gear position (1-8). By setting the console to '0' you access the 'throttle only' menu - you can just pedal, just use the throttle, or simultaneously pedal and use the throttle. The E Spike conforms to the Canadian ebike legal speed limit of 32 KPH

A double decker rack is standard: since the top of the rack is unobstructed you can mount a rack bag or panniers. The E Spike now comes with Schwalbe Big Apple tires... they are one of my favorite tires as they really help smooth out the bumps but yet offer little rolling resistance. Avid BB5 brakes and a Microshift trigger shifter are also now standard fare.

Overall the E Spike is well sorted out, its quiet, has excellent range, and it makes short work of hills and headwinds - but yet it remains flexible enough to give you a good workout if you so choose.

E Spike $3999.00 *Includes tariff
*Sadly Donald Trumps antics regarding import tariffs have trickled down to electric bikes and trikes.
Hopefully this is a temporary situation, but for now a USD $283.00 tariff applies to the purchase of an
E Spike.

Financing available

Price subject to change with currency fluctuations.

Custom conversions:

For those that have an existing trike / bike to convert, have specific requirements, or want something custom, I perform various types of electric conversions.

Funwest Sports is an authorized dealer for Ebikekit,  Grin Technologies out of Vancouver and Power In Motion here in Calgary, all three companies have  a strong reputation for supplying high quality ebike products.
I also have several of my own industry connections.

My primary focus is to maintain a high level of rideability by choosing the correct components for each individual based on his / her specific requirements. A properly integrated system will not alter handling, add pedaling resistance, or add excessive weight... all while offering considerable assist with above average range.

I offer everything from  throttle activated systems to more advanced 'pedal assist' installations, mostly  utilizing   front mounted 'mid-drives'.  For certain applications I usually use gear type hub motors, either from Ebikekit or Grin Technologies. Depending on the application I can also do custom installed TDCM or THUN torque sensing bottom brackets and Cycle Analysts. I don't skimp on battery size or quality, I only use high quality lithium ion cells either from Sony, LG, Samsung, or Sanyo / Panasonic.
I mostly install 14.5Ah 36 volt Panasonic celled batteries situated in a rack mounted key switch bag.
Other mounting options and larger capacity 17.4 Ah or 20.3 Ah batteries are available on a case by case basis
. For 48 volt applications install 11.6 Ah or 14.5 Ah batteries. Larger sizes are available by special order.

Mid-drive update...
Note: Do to sub standard quality I'm no longer offering Bafang mid-drive conversions. However in 2014 I sourced a high quality 36 volt 350 or 48 volt 500 watt replacements from TS Systems.
They are an ISO9001 certified company that also meets the EU TUV certification for ebikes. While not well known in North America, TS has enjoyed a strong presence in Europe and  China for the last decade.
I'm proud to be the first authorized dealer in Canada for TS Systems. They are a pleasure to work with and understand Western expectations regarding service and warranty.
My systems are trike specific and have custom length cables.

Unlike competitors, TS utilizes a torque sensor that senses how hard you pedal, and converts your effort into four levels of boosted power. At the push of a button simply choose between: Eco, Tour, Speed or Turbo to obtain the level of 'pedal assist' required. The OEM quality LCD also features a speedometer, trip distance, odometer, time ridden, and a battery gauge. With a 14.5 Ah battery, expect range to be between  80km and 120km ~ depending on terrain, conditions, and riding style.

LCD ~ Thumb controls not illustrated

     TS Systems 350 Watt, 36 Volt, 80 Nm torque, mid drive with a 2 year warranty

**Please see below for pictures of installed systems.

Whether it be for fun, hills, headwinds, or special needs ~ I am more than happy to discuss your requirements and answer all of your questions.

Click here for the differences between motors. 

Installed prices:
Conversion prices start at (Approx) $1599.00  - Trikes / bikes not included
A typical TS mid-drive pedal assist system with a 14.5 Ah  36 volt battery starts at $1699.00
A typical Ebikekit hub motor pedal assist system with an 11.6Ah 48 volt battery starts at $1799.00
* Includes installation, a TerraCycle LCD mount, and a battery charger.

Here are a few examples...

An AZUB Ti-Fly with an eZee 500 watt hub motor, 25 amp controller and a V2 Cycle Analyst

An HP Velotechnik Gekko fx26 with a XOFO 500 watt geared hub motor, a 25 amp Grinfinion sine wave controller, V3 Cycle Analyst, and a 17.4Ah Panasonic battery

A TerraTrike Rambler A/T with a TS Systems 350 Watt Mid Drive

E Fat Trekker with a XOFO hub motor,a 25A Grinfineon sinewave controller, and a V2 Cycle Analyst

TS Systems 350 watt mid-drive (motor on the front)

Compact size yet impressive 80 Nm torque for hills  (TS Mid Drive)

TS Systems LCD and easy to operate thumb controls on a TerraCycle T mount

TS Systems 500 Watt mid-drive

500 watt XOFO hub motor, 23 amp sensorless controller, 36 volt Panasonic battery


LED Console with 3 power levels

Quick release lockable Lithium Ion battery using Panasonic 18650 cells

1000 lumen light powered by the trikes battery, thumb throttle in the background

An eZee 500 watt kit from Grin, 25 amp controller, 15Ah 36v LiMn Sony celled battery, TDCM torque sensor and a V3 Cycle Analyst

V3 Cycle Analyst

Jamis Explorer, BMC V2T hub, Crystalyte 40 amp analog controller limited to 35 amps via Cycle Analyst,  Allcell 48 volt 15Ah battery     

250 watt hub motor, 23 amp sensorless controller, 36 volt Panasonic battery

A Bafang BPM 500 watt motor, AllCell 48 volt 15Ah battery, custom Lyen 35 amp controller.

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