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Note: See the bottom of this page regarding limitations.

Trident Terrain

One of the hottest trends in the market - both 2 and 3 wheelers - has been Fat Tires. And who wouldn’t want one? They are a blast to ride on rough roads, trails, snow and sand. In all honesty though for some of us, it’s not going to be your only ride. In addition, because of the nature of what you will be riding a Fat Trike on - your fat tire trike is likely to take more of a beating than your shiny pampered road trike.

With this in mind we set out to design a Fat Trike that would meet certain criteria:

Affordable:  Again - this is not likely to be your only trike, its likely to take more of a beating than your other trike, its going to be ridden in mud, snow, sand etc,  so you don’t want to invest a fortune in it.

Foldable:  Since the premise is that it will be potentially sharing space in your garage with your rides, and the fact that fat tire trikes are just BIG- it would be nice if it took up a little less space.

Unsuspended vs Suspended There are 2 schools of thought on this obviously, and of the fat tire trikes in production now, ICE & Sun, use suspension, Azub doesn't, and Trident has both.  First they are fat tires! You are running these at approximately 10PSI- this for average riding conditions gives you all the suspension you need. 
But for bumpy off-road conditions, or snow covered trails full of frozen foot prints, suspension is something to consider.


Fun: Fat Tire Trikes are great fun to ride, but if you have ridden all the brands- you will definitely realize some steer and ride way better than others. Great handling and comfort is a must

I am  pleased to introduce the FOLDABLE Terrain 20 and Terrain 26 fat tire trikes.

The Terrain models are available in either a 3 x 20” Wheel or a 3x 26” wheel model. Terrain models feature a powder coated , foldable Chro moly frame. Terrain models will come equipped with Trident's signature mesh seat with 4 adjustable angles and 3 height positions. X-Seam ranges have also been increased – the Terrain will accommodate riders with X-Seams from 34 ¼” to 47 ¼” (900mm-1200mm ). We can also accommodate even larger X-Seams with an XL boom. Rounding out the features are Avid BB5 disc brakes with locking parking brake Levers and a 7 speed Shimano drivetrain with a twist shifter.

A 21 speed upgrade kit is also available. It consists of an 22/32/42 triple crankset, a wider bottom bracket, a Microshift front derailleur, a SRAM 3 speed gripshifter,  and cabling with cable housing.

Rear racks and fenders are also available for both Terrain 20 and 26. Racks sell for about $75.00, fenders go for $185.

My thoughts:   The 20" & 26" are priced very close to one another. One consideration is 20" fat tire manufacturers are more limited whereas many 26" fat tires are  available. This affords greater availability and selection not only for replacement but for varying terrain. (IE studded tires for winter) 

Terrain (20" & 26") riding impressions:
FUN & surprisingly nimble for a huge tire trike. Harder to pedal but not as much as you might think, and the cornering limits are decent considering the seat height. All you need is about 10 psi in the tires, subsequently they absorb bumps pretty well!
The 20" version steers better at higher speeds.
Unless you're riding on level ground it's pretty much a given that either model requires the 21 speed kit (Especially the 26") and for 'serious' off-road riding even lower gearing is  recommended.
All in all they're basically a blast to ride!
Give me a shout to discuss which model best suits your needs.

Specs: Click here
Review: Click here

Price: Approximately $2699.00 to $2799.00 plus $250.00 for a 21 speed kit.

Financing available

Please contact me regarding your intended usage, while being fine machines, Trident Terrains  have their limitations. These trikes are not designed for serious off-road conditions.
For heavy duty usage I carry AZUB Fat Trikes and Sunseeker Fat Tads.
Click here for details

Sun Seeker Fat Tad

It's easily the only cost effective full suspension fat trike on the market.
It features a 4130 Chromoly frame for durability and a respectable 300 lb weight capacity.  It's properly geared with a 22-32-42 triple crankset to help on the hills.  They didn't cut corners as a SRAM drivetrain is standard.
At $3090.00 it's 'in my opinion' very competitively priced.
Financing available.
Here is the full breakdown.
Here is a review by Bryan Ball of Bentrider

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