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HP Velotechnik

HP Velotechnik!

Along with AZUB from CZ,  HP Velotechnik trikes from Germany represent the upper echelon of recumbent technology. Yes a fully loaded Scorpion fs 26'' with a Go Swiss Electric system is not for the average consumer, but none the less the incredibly capable machines are available through Funwest Sports to those that desire such a pedigree.
My main focus with HP Velo is to carry the newly designed US Edition Gekkos.  These sporty trikes come in several rich powder coated colors, have high quality SRAM drivetrains for durability and easy shifting, come in folding or non-folding configurations for convenience or savings, and have weight capacity's from 286lbs to 330lbs!
With careful component selection, and a novel departure from their normal  distribution channels, HP Velo has created a unique business philosophy whereby the consumer benefits greatly from American based warehousing and distribution.  The rest of the substantial HP Velotechnik lineup is still shipped from Kriftel, Germany.

HP Velotechnik has such a vast line up and huge amount of accessories, I'm not going to attempt to cover it on my website.
Click here for the HP website.

HP Velotechnik Trikes in stock:

Gekko 26"
The Gekko 26'' is a sporty trike with a slightly higher seating position. The seat angle is adjustable to dial in comfort. The 26" rear wheel offers  better ride quality at the expense of a slightly larger turning radius. A 26" rear wheel also helps to maintain speed a bit better vs a 20". There are savings to be had since this is a non folding trike, so if maximum portability is not a concern then you'll save about $400.00 vs a Gekko fx 26''
The hefty 330 lb weight capacity opens up the sporty trike segment to larger riders :)
Click here for a full description and specs.

Click here for a review by Brian Ball of BentRider

Price: Gekko 26'' Sport Configuration.
$Call or email

Gekko fx 20''
The Gekko fx 20'' is arguably the slickest folding trike on the market. The adjustable seat stays attached to the trike for a very compact fold!
For ease of portability its a tough act to follow.
The 20'' rear wheel makes for a smaller package vs a 26'' at the expense of a slightly less comfy ride. However it does have a better turning radius, have slightly quicker acceleration, and weighs a bit less... only 35lbs! All HP trikes feature indirect steering which has a very natural feel. The Gekko fx 20'' has a respectable 286lb weight capacity.
Please click here for full specs.
Here is a video on how it folds, give the boys at HP credit for extra drama! Click here

Price: Gekko fx 20'' Sport Configuration
$Call or email

Gekko fx 26"
The Gekko 26'' combines all the great features of the Gekko 26'' plus it folds, however the weight capacity is reduced to 286lbs.
Some folks simply prefer the look of a 26'' vs a 20''.  Regardless of preference both are a fine machine.

My Riding Impressions:
One of the nicest steering trikes on the market, quite similar to AZUB, and better than any direct steering trike available. The SRAM *shifters are quite easy to operate and shifting is surprisingly good for a twist grip shifter. The trikes feel nimble & quick, handling is very predictable, and there is no twitchiness to the steering. 
The seats are quite comfy and not too low, so getting in and out is easy. The  gearing on the 26" models is a bit tall for steep hills, but its a quick fix. The fit and finish is impressive, and the powder coat colors are some of the nicest I've seen.
Overall I think HP has hit a home run with the new Gekko... really good bang for the buck!
* I can install bar end shifters for those that prefer them.
Price: Gekko fx 26'' Sport Configuration
$Call or email 

I'll also be doing my best to keep all the common HP accessories in stock... racks, fenders, head rests etc.

I've just scratched the surface here. Custom configured Gekko's and Scorpions are available.

The Scorpion line up represents the culmination of HP refinement. Rear suspension, full suspension, multiple drivtrain configurations are available. Both Go-Swiss and Shimano Steps are available for electric assist options.
There is a configurator on the HP website that allows further exploration into the world of HP Velotechnik! 
Please contact me for further information.

                                         Gekko 26''

                                          Gekko 26''

                                       Gekko fs 20''

                                        Gekko fs 20''

                                       Gekko fs 26''

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