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Question: Are recumbent trikes difficult to operate?

Answer: Absolutely not, the learning curve is really easy. They are very stable, simple to steer, and the brakes are safe and strong.  Since you don't have to balance it frees up your attention to operate the controls.

What comes with my trike?

Answer:  Standard Trident accessories include (except Spike, E Spike, Titan and E Titan)  three fenders, an aluminum  rear rack, front and rear lights, an accessory mount (ie computer), a *Mirrycle mirror, parking brakes, water bottle cage, and a safety flag. *Exclusive to Funwest Sports, a custom installed Mirrycle mirror is now being substituted for the stock mirror.
Other brands have a full range of accessories available.

What are the advantages of a folding trike?

Answer: A folding trike is considerably easier to transport. You don't need a specialized ($) rack or a large vehicle to transport a folding trike, inversely you can transport two folding trikes in the space of one non-folder. A folding trike is more secure and out of the elements when its inside your vehicle. They can also be left folded if storage space is an issue.  Non-folders can usually be transported in a SUV, mini van or truck.

Question: Aren't folding trikes more expensive?

Answer: It depends. Trident doesn't charge an extra premium for their folding trikes. AZUB is more expensive but their hinge is a machinists 'work of art'. HP Velo is more, but they have one of the slickest folds on the market.
TerraTrike is a bit more than average.

Doesn't the hinge make it weaker?

Answer: No. I have several customers in the 260lb range on Tridents and have zero failures.  A TerraTrike Traveler will handle up to 300 lbs.  AZUB trikes are rated for 275 lbs and HP are 286 lbs.

Why Trident?

Trident is the 'Hyundai' of the recumbent trike world. They're robust, comfortable, handle well, and are well engineered with solid components. The fact that they fold, come with decent accys all for a value price, is just icing on the cake.
See my Stowaway page for more information.


If Trident is the Hyundai of the recumbent world then AZUB would be the 'Audi' of the recumbent world. They're for the discerning customer that simply wants a highly engineered hand-crafted product, wants to tour, wants a customized drivetrain, or wants advanced suspension.

Why HP Velotechnik?

Answer: HP has a strong reputation as being one of  the industries top brands.  German engineering and a great pedigree, not only touring but day to day riding. I digress to another analogy... HP Velo would be the 'Mercedes' of the recumbent world.

Why TerraTrike?

Their niche is generally a higher seating position making for a trike that's easy to get in and out of. Predicable handling with easy to operate controls make for an enjoyable ride. Also the Rover fits the bill for lower cost, or for folks that weigh up to 400 lbs. 

Question: Is it hard for people to see you because you sit lower?

Nonsense, if that were the case then every kid on a child's bicycle would be invisible, and we know nothing could be further from the truth.  Yes, you sit lower but simply add a flag (and possibly some lights) and you're more visible than a regular bike. My own experience, and that of many customers, is folks give you a wider berth on the road. Because many have never seen a recumbent trike before.

Do you sell adult tricycles? (Upright Adult Trikes)

Answer: Sorry no, sadly I've had several people come in that have fallen off of one, including breaking bones. IMO most adult tricycles are top-heavy, unstable, under geared, and weigh 20 or more pounds than a recumbent trike. A recumbent trike is safer, lighter, better handling, more fun, and more comfortable.

Question: Aren't recumbent trikes hard to get in and out of?

Some do sit lower than others, and for some folks it can be a challenge. But I carry models with higher seat heights that are as easy to get in and out of as a lawn chair.

What about servicing my trike?

Answer: For local customers I offer *free  **adjustments for a period of one year.
**Includes: shifting, brakes, spokes
, tire pressure and steering. It does not include maintenance, repairs or parts.
*Some exceptions apply.

Question: Do you service other brands of trikes?

Answer: Yes I work on all brands of trikes

What extras should I consider?

Answer: A spare tube, tire levers, a mini pump and a multi tool are items that I recommend be carried with the trike in the seat compartment. A bottle of chain lube and a way to monitor tire pressure are items I recommend be kept on hand at home.

Do you rent trikes?

Sorry, no I don't rent trikes. I don't have the resources, space or required insurance for rentals.

I don’t live in or near Calgary, can you ship me a trike?

Answer: Yes, most anywhere in Canada. Just call or email and I’ll be happy to get you a quote. Sun Seeker and TerraTrike have to be picked up here in Calgary.
Note: Sometimes a new trike requires initial shifter, brake, and (possibly) spoke adjustments ~ within a short period of ownership. This is due to cable stretch, minor brake pad wear, and riding conditions.
Its the customers sole responsibility to maintain and adjust their trike within the break in period.  This may involve taking it to a bike shop if you're unfamiliar with these procedures.
If a trike needs to be returned its the customers responsibility to pay the return shipping or physically return the trike.

Question: When you ship me a trike do I have to assemble it?

Answer: Yes, there is some assembly required on a model by model basis.

Question: Where's the checkout?

Short answer: There isn’t one.

Long answer: In my opinion choosing a trike requires more than the click of a mouse, I would sooner ask a few questions than have you experience the hassle of a return because the wrong trike failed to meet your expectations. So I’ve opted for providing personalized service rather than installing a shopping cart. Old fashion? A little slower? Yes, especially if you’re experienced and knowledgeable.  So by all means please call or email and I’ll be happy to get your needs handled. Ordering isn’t  hard, I accept Interac e-Transfers  for on-line purchases, and we’ll discuss it once we’ve worked out your order.

Question: Can I purchase a trike cheaper on-line?

Answer: No, there are many misunderstood hidden fees. As a consumer: By the time you add the foreign currency exchange, duty, GST, GST on the duty, shipping, brokerage, and the Visa International Transaction fee (all based on retail price) you will pay more.  I'm a registered importer / exporter purchasing at wholesale. With professional affiliations  regarding shipping, purchasing American and European currency, and in some cases doing my own brokerage... I pass through the savings to the consumer.  Also my prices are based on assembled trikes.

I face barriers to riding an upright bicycle, can I ride a trike?

Answer: In almost every case the answer is yes. If you’re experiencing balancing problems then a trike will work for you. If you’re experiencing back, wrist, neck or butt pain then there’s a 95% chance a trike will work for you as they’re very comfortable to ride. Lastly, I can modify what is normally two handed operation of the controls to one handed operation by moving both the shifting and brakes to either side of the handlebars, if that solves your problem then you should be good to go.

It’s best to give me a shout to discuss any special needs and the modifications (if any) required.

What is the warranty?

Answer: A 5 Year Limited Warranty.Trident Trikes warranties that its trike frames, seat frames and steering components are free of defects and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. This warranty is limited to the original owner and is non transferable. This warranty does not apply to the powder coat finish, normal wear and tear, or any damage directly or indirectly resulting from customer abuse, neglect, abuse, improper assembly, alterations, collisions & accidents or misuse of the intended use of our trikes. It also does not apply to any components attached including, but not limited to: wheels, tires, chains, cables, seat cloth, and drivetrain components. These items are subject to the warranty (if any) of the original manufacturer.

 Sun Seeker has a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and rims, one year on everything else.
AZUB has a 5 year warranty on the frame, steering and seat.
Each manufacturer has certain / specific conditions.
TerraTrike has a limited life time warranty on the frame, seat frame, and steering components.
HP Velotechnik has a 10 year frame warranty, and if applicable the swing arm pivot.

Warranty claims must be made in writing or by calling us. Proof of purchase will be required. Funwest Sports reserves the right and has the sole discretion as to whether to repair or replace any part covered by this warranty. Replacement parts may be substituted depending on availability. The original owner may be responsible for shipping and / or transportation costs related to the repair or replacement of warranty parts.

What is your return policy?

Answer: I want you to be happy with your purchase, if you're not then please call me (Rob Willis) and we'll discuss the issue you're having with the trike. There are many options available to ensure your satisfaction. However,  if after exploring all options you remain unsatisfied, you may return your trike in original condition for a refund within 30 days of purchase. (I understand there may be signs of normal usage)  The customer is responsible for any damage caused by excessive wear, misuse, abuse and damage from return shipping. The customer will be responsible for return shipping charges and insurance on the trike while in transit, original shipping charges will not be refunded.

What about liability?:

Answer: Riding a Trike and E-Trike can be dangerous and result in serious injury or death. When you are riding an AZUB trike, HP Velotechnik, Trident Trike, Kmx, Sun Seeker or TerraTrike model, you are expressly assuming all risks resulting from any injuries sustained while riding a recumbent trike, including bodily injury, and property damage.

The owner shall indemnify
FUNWEST SPORTS for any damages- financial or otherwise incurred as a result of an injury, or any property damage caused by the owner, or somebody else riding the owners trike.
It is the owners responsibility to properly maintain their trike in proper working condition, which includes regular tune ups, maintaining correct tire pressure, and checking for loose bolts and worn parts on a monthly basis.
Failure to properly maintain your trike can lead to serious injury or death.
The owner shall indemnify FUNWEST SPORTS for any damages - financial or otherwise incurred as a result of an injury, or any property damage caused by the owner or somebody else that fails to maintain their trike in proper working condition.
The ebike industry requires a waiver to be signed for turn-key electric trikes or electric conversions.

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