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Renaye Wade

Renaye Wade is  a very special young lady who despite facing life altering injuries has remained upbeat and optimistic, she is quite possibly the bravest person I have ever met.
 As a result she started RADD (Renaye Against Distracted Drivers) and has re-focused her life in the hope of preventing similar injuries to other drivers by bringing awareness to distracted driving. 
A petition has been started (Please contact me if you would like to sign it)
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Renaye gets a standing ovation at the Legislature! Click here
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Renaye Wade - Her story

This was me, June of 2012. I graduated, was upgrading to go to Grant MacEwan College to begin my journey to become a lawyer. Worked partime as an assistant manager at McDonalds. And danced in my spare time.

March 15, 2013

This is the vehicle that after I was found, took the Fire Department and Paramedics, 25 minutes to rescue me from

This was me the next Day-

I was the passenger in a stalled vehicle, that was struck by a Distracted/Careless driver, that sent the vehicle I was in, in front of a Semi into my door. I was not seen at first in the vehicle by paramedics, and it took the fire department 25 minutes to rescue me out of the crushed vehicle. 3 paramedics and a student rushed me to hospital. Stars was busy at that moment.

I received a cracked pelvis, broken jaw with 2 breaks, and a Diffuse Axonal Brain Injury (Like Shaken Baby). I was in a coma for 34 days. I have had many surgeries with one more to come. I have had many procedures and have had to relearn everything from moving, walking, talking, even breathing. I have been in 4 hospitals for a total of 15 months. I still take therapies and likely for years if not a lifetime. I have been left with a lifetime injury. 

The driver that hit me pleaded guilty in court to the maximum charges. Not all facts were presented to court that day because the defendant pleaded guilty. However, he did plead guilty to Distracted and Careless driving. There are many forms of distraction. He was sentenced to the maximum. A $2000 fine and 6 demerits on his license.

Statistics are showing that distracted driving is causing more collisions than
impaired driving. Times have changed, its time for our laws to keep up with
This could happen to your mother, father, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa,
child or spouse. It could happen to you, it HAPPENED to me!

The man that hit me still drives, and I think he drives for a living. His name doesn’t matter, it won’t fix me, and he already had his day in court.
So help me help you, I have had a petition drawn up that will be read in the legislature. Me and you, need to protect our roads. Distracted Driving needs to have demerits, and careless driving that hurts someone, should have their license suspended at the discretion of a judge.


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