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Stowaway I and Stowaway II

Read what Larry Varney has to say on BentRider Online about the Stowaway 2  Click here for the article.
Note: The comment about brake steer is a simple adjustment

Introducing the redesigned Stowaway trikes, they both offer an incredible component mix at a value price.

All Stowaway models utilize a powder coated aircraft quality 4130 chrome moly TIG welded frame, as well as Avid brakes/ Promax levers with parking brake, double wall alloy rims with Kenda Kwest 100 psi tires, an improved idler system that is as nice as anything on the market, a higher quality mirror and Ackerman compensated crossover steering, but that is where the similarities end.

The Stowaway 1 uses a Microshift front derailleur and a Microshift Marvo LE rear derailleur. Shifting is done with Microshift gripshifters. The crankset is a Truvativ 52/42/30 triple. The brakes are Avid BB5 mechanical disc brakes.

All Stowaway 2's come with Schwalbe Tryker tires!
The Stowaway 2 is Trident's high spec model. It uses a Microshift front derailleur and a Microshift Marvo XE CNC machined rear derailleur, shifting is done with bar end shifters. The Brakes are Avid BB7's.The crankset is a high end forged crankset with CNC machined rings, and an integrated bottom bracket. The seat frame, handlebar and boom are sandblasted anodized aluminum alloy. For all you short crank aficionados, the Stowaway 2 is also available with 160 mm crank arms. The Stowaway 2 also has adjustable handlebars.

The additional features of the Stowaway series include Trident’s  aluminum seat frame with ideal lumbar curve, 3 adjustable seating heights, and 4 adjustable seating angles.

As with all Trident trikes (except Spike, Titan and Terrain) there is  no extra charge for the extras. Also included with all 3 models is a rear rack, a full set of 3 Fenders, a safety flag, a Mirrycle  mirror , a rear light, pedals with toe clips, and a water bottle cage.

Stowaway trikes are available in Wolfpack Red or Carolina Blue.
Stowaway 2's  are NOW available in Wasabi Green.
Also Stowaway 2's now come with Schwalbe Tryker tires

My impression: After four years with Trident the Stowaway's have held up really well, even my commuters can't kill one.
They perform very well for beginners at slow speeds, yet the Stowaway's are quick and entertaining enough for more experienced riders.
The frames are strong enough so the wheel alignment stays put, yet aren't overly stiff so they don't have a harsh ride.The controls are nicely laid out, and I really like the Microshift bar end shifter action... they're precise yet easy to shift. The handle bars are in a neutral position which means your hands aren't close to the front tires, so there is no danger of scuffing your knuckles. I find the indirect steering as good or better than  any trike on the market - there is no twitchyness at any speed, yet steering inputs are quick and accurate even around fast sweeping corners.  The adjustable seat is comfy, the tires roll easily and the gearing is low enough for steep hills.
The Stowaway's are nicely appointed from the factory and they also make a great platform for customizing... one of my personal Stowaway 2's has a Patterson Transmission and the other is electric - both fun in their own way!
I find Trident to be the Hyundai of the recumbent trike market,
a great product without the high price tag.
Hope this helps ~ Rob

Click here to see what Larry Varney has to say on BentRider
Online about the Stowaway 2 (Note: The comment about brake steer is a simple adjustment)


Stowaway 1            $2499.00 By special order

Stowaway 2            $2985.00  With 170mm crank arms
Special: $100.00 of n/c accessories included.

Financing available

*Pricing subject to fluctuation with currency exchange.

Click here to open a Stowaway specifications sheet in PDF format.

Click here for a review

Note: This is an older review, all references to welds and paint should be ignored. The newest generation of Stowaway's have tidy welds (TIG welded 4130 Chromoly) and durable powdercoat finishes. Also the chain idler system is vastly superior to 1st gen Stowaways, and the seat frame is completely new.

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