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Trident Trekker

The inquiries have become more and more frequent regarding rear suspension.  I'm pleased to introduce Tridents  newest model - The  Trekker with  hidden adjustable rear suspension.

Trekkers are available in either a 20” rear wheel or a 26” rear wheel model. Along with a powder coated Chromoly frame, the Trekker series will have some exciting new features. First of course is the adjustable suspension in the frame. By putting the suspension in the frame Trident was able to shorten up the rear end a bit, and it made a HUGE difference in both handling and traction when compared to the traditional suspension systems they tested. (No pogoing) Other features include a flat wheel fold and adjustable handlebars. Trekker models will come equipped with Trident's signature mesh seat with 4 adjustable angles and 3 height positions. X Seam ranges have also been increased – the Trekker will accommodate riders with X Seams from 34 ¼ (with optional 152 mm crankarms) to 47 ¼” (900mm-1200mm). It can also accommodate even larger X Seams- up to 51″ with an optional XL boom. Rounding out the features are Avid BB7 disc brakes with locking parking brake levers, a high end forged crankset with CNC machined rings with an integrated bottom bracket, a double idler system (single idler on Trekker 26) which is as nice as anything any manufacturer makes, and finally a new CNC machined rear derailleur – the Microshift Marvo XE paired with the TS-B09 Microshift bar end shifters. Schwalbe Tryker tires are standard.

Lastly- Unlike other manufacturers Trekker models come with all the “extras” at no charge- a rear rack, rear lights, a full set of 3 fenders, a mirror, an accessory mount, and a safety flag are all included in the price!

Price... Approx $3649.00

My thoughts: 
One word... cushy!  When you hit a bump on a recumbent trike you feel about 70% of that bump through the rear wheel. A trike with rear suspension absorbs the bumps without any compromises. The Trekker is basically a better riding Stowaway.

The AZUB TRI-con has rear suspension and the Ti-FLY has full suspension... please see my AZUB page for more details.
The HP Velotechnik Scorpion can be had with rear or full suspension. See my HP page for further information.

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